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Chile 1973: Facing the past

How to put on a swimming cap

Citizen divers help to count sharks

Citizen divers help to count sharks
By Matthew Owens Non-scientist divers are as good as acoustic telemetry in detecting and recording the profusion of shark populations, according to new research by Australian scientists. The researchers hope that the divers will be able to aid in the… more »

Fire in Valparaiso Chile

Los Jaivas: La Poderosa Muerte

Income in Chile: The regions

By Matthew Owens As part of a Factorium mini-series on wages in Chile, Matthew Owens takes a look at average income levels around the country. First up is comparison of monthly income in Chile as a whole and by the regions by gender. The data for this… more »

Dharmico: Semillas Secas

My Virtual Journey Through Chile: San Pedro And Beyond

My Virtual Journey Through Chile: San Pedro And Beyond
By Izabella  I am staying in a very comfortable hotel at the moment, it is close to a beach, has its own pool and also a conference room. By chance I have met two different groups of people attending conferences who have opened up further opportunities… more »

AtaquepolariS: Jugando Con las Maquinas


Chile has long been rich with copper and mining has brought much wealth to the country, exporting to markets in Asia (48%), Europe (31%), North Amrica (13%) and South America (8%). It is in fact the world's largest producer of copper with a 30% share of… more »

The biggest solar energy plant in the world

Iquique earthquake: queuing for bread

Following the 8.2 Earthquake in the port city of Iquique in northern Chile, many residents have been left without electricity and water.  more »

Earthquake chaos in Iquique

Intelligent crows rival 7 year old children in tests of logic

By Matthew Owens Research published today (Wednesday) in the open-access academic journal PLOSONE shows that New Caledonian crows may have an understanding of causal logic that surpasses that of young children. The international team from the Universi… more »

Chilean goalkeeper Herrera scores penalty in 1-0 victory

Goalkeeper Johnny Herrera entered Chilean footballing history when he scored a penalty taking his side Universidad de Chile to a 1-0 victory against Real Garcilaso in the Copa Libertadores. Herrera is the first keeper from a Chilean side to score in the… more »

The fate of HidroAysen hangs in the balance for 60 days

A committee of ministers from Chile's new centre-left government have ruled that a decision will be made on whether the controversial HidroAysen hydroelectric power project will go ahead or not within 60 days. By Matthew Owens The special ministerial… more »

Looking at the stars from Chile

Ancients from Nicholas Buer on Vimeo. Ancients "This film follows the ancient cycle of sunset, to night, to sunrise. A continuous loop of perpetual movement that has been unbroken since the dawn of time, and the only true constant in our lives. I… more »

The food paradox more »

Paul McCartney Out There in Chile

Paul McCartney announces new date for Chile in 'Out There' tour - 21st of April 2014 Paul McCartney's critically acclaimed ‘Out There’ tour that launched in Brazil last year and sees him visit 23 cities across the world has added a further date, st… more »

Copper profit versus GDP in Chile

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