Top 10 Chilean wines

Top 10 Chilean wines
The influential wine critic Robert Parker responsible for the advertisement-free publication The Wine Advocate has now published the results of the Chilean wine tasting and blind assessment that took place in May 2011. There has been some delay, probably due to some controversy over allegations of bribery in Spain, when The Wine Advocate's taster for Chile, Jay Miller, left the company. more »

Classic Chilean recipe: Empanadas

Classic Chilean recipe: Empanadas
Empanadas de pino al horno  (Pasty baked in the oven) makes 12 This Chilean version of this latin American classic is a bit like a Cornish pasty but in disguise! They're delicious on their own or you can try them with a spicy salsa sauce called pebre,… more »

Women's world day of prayer: Chile

Women's world day of prayer: Chile
Every year on the first friday of March the Women's World day of Prayer organise a day of prayer and the service is written by a different country each year. In 2011, the service was given on March the 4th and the theme country was Chile. With kind perm… more »

Mapuche poet: Cristián Cayupán

Cristián Cayupán Mora is a Mapuche poet studying at the Catholic University of Temuco, Chile. He is a member of the Writer's Circle "Juvencio Valle", a regional member of the  Writer's board "Juan Pablo Amuero", Director of the literary magazine "Letras… more »

Lithium: A potential 'gold mine' for Chile

Chile is famous for being dominant in the its hughe market share of copper production. Under General Pinochet's regime in the 1990s lithium was classified as a 'strategic' metal  because it can be use in the process of nuclear fission. more »

Poetry competition

Poetry competition
1st CHILENO.CO.UK POETRY COMPETITION 2011 To celebrate contemporary Chilean poetry we are pleased to announce the results of the 1st poetry competition 2011. You can also view the archived Rules here. We have had an overwhelmingly posit… more »

Bielsa beats Manchester United

Manchester United's match last night against Athletico Bilbao   more »

Chilean miners: who paid for their rescue?

Did San Esteban mining company (the Chilean mine where the miners were trapped) contribute towards rescue of the Chilean miners? So... it has been nearly half a year since the Chilean miners where trapped and rescued by a very well coordinated effort… more »

Download Chilean music

We are big music fans here at and talk a lot about Chilean music. While it is certainly possible to get hold of some Chilean artists (the most well-known or traditional artists) from the usual sources, it can be extremely frustrating/impos… more »

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