Child abuse increases by 22% in Chile

Latest figures out from SENAME, the national service for young people in Chile, show that child sexual abuse report levels reached more than three thousands cases between January and May of this year. The stats indicate an overall rise in sexual abuse,… more »

The Ganjas - La lluvia no quiere caer

The Ganjas - "La lluvia no quiere caer" or the rain doesn't want to fall. Good music for a whole host of 'activities'...I went jogging  :-p. Teleport over here for The Ganjas Interview more »

Los Bunkers: Cancion Para Manana

Los Bunkers at the Festival de Vina del Mar 2012 more »

Francisca Valenzuela: En Mi Memoria

Lovely Fran Valenzuela playing En Mi Memoria. She's been in Spain recently, you can catch up with her on twitter @franciscamusic more »

Science in Chile: Falling short or aiming high?

You may have seen our recent post where the pressure group mascienciaparachile argued for more planning and spending on research in Chile. The group published a letter in Science which can be found here outlining their argument. On Friday the Chilean go… more »

Nano Stern: Voy Volando

Voy Volando from the irrepressible Nano Stern more »

Reaccion de Hitler a proyecto Hidroaysen

Para todos los chilenos. more »

Chile's energy crisis

In May 2011 there was a . Chile currently (2010) imports 65% of its energy needs and some 97% of petroleum. Source: The National Energy Commission more »

The walking Moai theory

Were the Moai positioned into their final resting place by walking them? Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo suggest that this was the method used by the islanders to move the giant heads into place after they had been carved from solid rock. The pair expound the… more »

Entrama: Dos Lunas

Track of the day for us! By Entrama more »

Top Universities in Latin America

The top universities list for Latin America is in for 2012 and Chile has fared well in the rankings. The list compiled by QS top universities featured 4 Chilean universities in the overall top 10 list. They include: Pontificia Universidad Católica de… more »

Fun in the snow!

Snowboarding in Huilo Huilo more »

Grítalo si eres Chileno

For the first time Chile goes top of the the Brasil 2014 World Cup qualifying league table.  Matías Fernández and Charles Aránguiz scored within 5 minutes of each other to secure a 2-0 victory against the struggling home side. more »

The rise and fall of a President

The rise and fall of a President
Well the President, Sebastian Piñera, certainly has been in for a rough ride in the polls. After a dramatic and successful rescue effort saw the emergence of 33 trapped miners in October 2010 his popularity spiked. Sadly for the beleaguered leader, his… more »

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