Gepe: Las Piedras

Gepe playing in the street! more »

The two 9/11s: Chile and the United States

The coup of 1973 and the attacks of 2001 were very different in character. But the contrast in the responses of Chile and America to their respective national traumas is instructive, says Patricio Navia. By Patricio Navia For two countries, Chile and… more »

Sebastian Piñera: A watershed moment for Chile?

By Simeon Tegel Sebastian Piñera’s rollercoaster ride as president of Chile may be a watershed in the nation’s post-Pinochet politics. Simeon Tegel reports. If anyone embodies the theory that being a skilful politician requires more than just brains,… more »

Aysén by Dr Alberto Salas Nicolau

A complex situation of protest and social unrest in the Southern Chilean region of Aysén this summer was undoubtedly brought about by a slew of contributing factors including dissatisfaction with the current right-wing government lead by billionaire Seb… more »

Latin America, an election cascade by Daniel Zovatto

A series of fifteen elections across Latin America in 2009-12 offers a useful guide to the region's main democratic trends, says Daniel Zovatto.  The presidential election in the Dominican Republic on 20 May 2012 was the first of three such elections… more »

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