In Transit free tickets competition

Win TWO FREE TICKETS to Chilean show In Transit courtesy of Blue Elephant Theatre!  Billed as "One hour. One actor. 27 characters", In Transit is a voyage through the mind of Ella, who has lost all perception of… more »

Carlos Hermosilla Álvarez: Transforming Personal Suffering Into Empathy Through Art And Poetry

By Liliana Hermosilla Rosenthal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA Carlos Hermosilla Álvarez (Chile: 1905-1991) was my father’s older brother and a major figure in the history of Chilean art. He was one of the founding professors of the School of Fine Arts,… more »

Leading contemporary Chilean art in London

Leading contemporary Chilean art in London
33 Degrees South: Contemporary art from Chile A new event is to take place in London, celerating contempory artists from Chile.  If you're in London or planning to go around this time, it promises to be a fascinating exhibition. Curated by Cecilia B… more »

Chilean photographer Eduardo Moreno

Eduardo Moreno is a talented young Chilean photographer living and working in the nation's capital, Santiago. He talks to Chileno about his approach to his work. more »

Luis Arias Manzo - President of

Luis Arias Manzo Founder and president of the Chilen based poets of the world, Luis Arias Manzo has penned several books including; Agualuna (Watermoon; 2002) Mil años de Amor (A thousand years of Love; 2003) and Instantes (Instances; 2004). His work… more »

Chilean Artist in the UK: Karin Momberg

In Chile people who like to travel or wander the earth, who are curious enough about other parts of the world that they are rarely at home for long, are sometimes affectionately called 'patiperros' (like the dogs roaming the streets). There are over 500… more »

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