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Iquique earthquake: queuing for bread

Following the 8.2 Earthquake in the port city of Iquique in northern Chile, many residents have been left without electricity and water.  more »

The fate of HidroAysen hangs in the balance for 60 days

A committee of ministers from Chile's new centre-left government have ruled that a decision will be made on whether the controversial HidroAysen hydroelectric power project will go ahead or not within 60 days. By Matthew Owens The special ministerial… more »

Paul McCartney Out There in Chile

Paul McCartney announces new date for Chile in 'Out There' tour - 21st of April 2014 Paul McCartney's critically acclaimed ‘Out There’ tour that launched in Brazil last year and sees him visit 23 cities across the world has added a further date, st… more »

Elections in Chile: a triumphing centre-left and a centre-right at the crossroads

As it was predicted by the polls, Mich… more »

Writing for chileno

  Chileno publishes articles from a range of people from those just starting out in their careers to seasoned journalists and experts in their respective fields. We also publish interview pieces with noteable Chileans from music legends to scienti… more »

Biomarker could help boys at risk of clinical depression

A large study on adolescent depression is to be published this week in the academic journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Major, or clinical depression is a common psychological problem where 1 in 10 are thought to be affected at some… more »

Aymara culture protects against mental health problems

The Aymara people live close to the Andes mountain range in South America and have been through a process of urban migration in Chile. Many have moved from the altiplano to the coastal cities Arica and Iquique of Northern Chile. As reported by… more »

chileno gets Google upgrade recently received an upgrade by Google moving its Page Rank from 3 to 4. Page Rank is only one of many metrics that determines the quality of a website but it is nevertheless noteworthy that an update has been made. Congratulations to the… more »

Mercury exposure in Chilean children: the true price of gold

A paper recently published in the open access journal PLoS ONE highlights the potentially damaging toxic effects of mercury exposure in children in Chile and points to the biggest risk factors associated with artisanal mining in the country. The… more »

My Virtual Journey Through Chile: Pica and Iquique

                                                My name is Isabella and I have decided to enjoy a virtual journey of fun, enlightenment and discovery in Chile. Because of the length of the country I am able to discover so many diverse regions from the… more »

My Virtual Journey Through Chile: Into the Atacama

By Isabella My travelling companion Claudio and I have decided to go in search of the Gigante de Tarapacá or the Atacama Giant, which can be found in the desert, close to Huara. We had become friends earlier on in my journey, when we had met at Arica a… more »

Chile in the World University rankings

The QS World University Rankings for 2013 are out and the UK has fared well with a record six Universities featuring in the top 20, including Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, Oxford all in the top 10. Meanwhile in Chile, the top 2 Universities, Pontificia Univ… more »

The Music of Chile

  Many countries are known for a unique style or genre of music, Chilean music speaks to the diversity and richness of its culture as social and regional subjects influenced its past and present sound. Cueca The national dance of Chile is the “cueca,… more »

My Virtual Journey Through Chile: Arica

The city of Arica at the border with Peru is the beginning of the region called Norte Grande. It has belonged to Peru and Bolivia in the past and the negotiations have left Bolivia landlocked. The port became important for exporting silver from Bolivia.… more »

Jose Gonzalez: Far Away

Okay, so he's not Chilean but nobody's perfect eh :)? Born in Gothenburg by Argentine parents José González is real talent. He started out studying for a PhD in biology but soon switched to his real love of music. Far Away featured in the hit game Red D… more »

Chilean Coup 40 years on: Chronicle of a world never foretold.

In light of the coming 40th anniversary of the September the 11th Coup d'état in Chile in 1973, the Chilean Coup 40 years on series explores perspectives from a range of individuals on the meaning of the coup years. Chronicle of a world never foretold.… more »

Was Neruda murdered by Pinochet or the CIA?

On Saturday a Chilean judge ordered police to begin the hunt for the shadowy 'Doctor Price', believed by prosecution lawyer Eduardo Contreras to be the man responsible for the murder of Chilean Poet Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda. Four decades after the d… more »

Michelle Bachelet and inequality upsidedownworld

As Chilean Presidential candidate Michelle Bachelet begins her campaign, questions arise as to the ability of the center-left coalition to tackle the extreme inequality that plagues the nation. As reported by Center-left coali… more »


We had a chat with Cristobal Torres, the hands behind the Chilean electronic music that is Minimental, who took time out to speak to chileno about what he's up to at the moment. Cristobal is from Santiago and his style is a mix of progressive trance, te… more »

The unique language of Chile

By Marcela de Vivo It is often remarked upon how the English spoken by Americans isn’t really “English,” but within the small area of the United Kingdom—or even just England—a diverse range of accents and slang can make one person almost unintelligible… more »

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