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Patagonia: Navigating from Natales

Patagonia: Navigating from Natales
  The moment you cross the border at Rio Turbio you know you’ve left behind a rain shadow. Not, mind you, that it was raining when we crossed… more »

Asociación Ilícita: Book Review

By Ramona Wadi Through now revealed secret government documents, Asociación Ilícita: los archivos secretos de la dictadura details the extent of the far-reaching reign of terror imposed by Augosto Pinochet's dictatorship. Ramona Wadi reviews. Re-enac… more »

Piñera has not had the Presidency he dreamed of...

Washington political analyst Patricio Zamorano reflects on a turbulent term for the Chilean President. For a Spanish version of this article see below. Patricio Zamorano, political analyst Washington DC   Four publishing… more »

The militarisation of Mapuche regions in Chile

The militarisation of Mapuche regions in Chile
Photo: By Claudio Fuentes On the heels of political controversy in Chile over the treatment of the Mapuche people in Araucanía (Southern region of Chile), political scientist Claudio Fuentes gives his considered view on the recent 'anti-te… more »

Patricio Zamorano: Why do I feel so much pain, Violeta Parra?

Patricio Zamorano: Why do I feel so much pain, Violeta Parra?
Photo:   Why do I feel so much pain, Violeta Parra? Or on how to assess the Chilean film “Violeta went to heaven” on opening night in Washington DC © Patricio Zamorano Translation by chileno and the author. Para la versíon… more »

Sebastian Piñera: A watershed moment for Chile?

By Simeon Tegel Sebastian Piñera’s rollercoaster ride as president of Chile may be a watershed in the nation’s post-Pinochet politics. Simeon Tegel reports. If anyone embodies the theory that being a skilful politician requires more than just brains,… more »

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