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Paul McCartney Out There in Chile

Paul McCartney announces new date for Chile in 'Out There' tour - 21st of April 2014 Paul McCartney's critically acclaimed ‘Out There’ tour that launched in Brazil last year and sees him visit 23 cities across the world has added a further date, st… more »

The Music of Chile

  Many countries are known for a unique style or genre of music, Chilean music speaks to the diversity and richness of its culture as social and regional subjects influenced its past and present sound. Cueca The national dance of Chile is the “cueca,… more »

Win 2 tickets to see Nano Stern 25th of July!

OK music fans, Legendary Chilean artist Nano Stern is on a limited tour of England, playing live in LONDON on THURSDAY the 25th of JULY at RichMix and he is giving away a pair of tickets to the show. Follow us on Twitter and you could be the lucky winne… more »

UK welcomes award winning Chilean musician Nano Stern

  On the back of phenomenal success in his native Chile, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Nano Stern comes to the UK as part of a European Tour. Recently celebrating a recording career spanning five years and including some four albums: Nano… more »

Ana Tijoux interview part 2

This is the second part of the interview by eNtR more »

Ana Tijoux interview

eNtR berlin interview Ana Tujoix about her life living as a child with her family as an exile in France before moving back to Chile, winning a Grammy and becoming the singer-activist who wrote the song "shock" that became one of the theme songs for the… more »


We had a chat with Cristobal Torres, the hands behind the Chilean electronic music that is Minimental, who took time out to speak to chileno about what he's up to at the moment. Cristobal is from Santiago and his style is a mix of progressive trance, te… more »

Camila Moreno: Don't mention the F word

Camila Moreno: Don't mention the F word
Camila Moreno's newly released album Panal (honeycomb) is the latest and third offering from the young Chilean musician. In something of a departure from her earlier work (e.g. about half the songs in her debut album almismotiempo are heavily influenced… more »

Nada que ver, Camila Moreno

Madonna threatens to cancel show in Chile

Recently, on her South America tour 2012, Madonna recently threatened to cancel her only show in Chile. The singer told the gathering crowd in Santiago that she would stop the show if people would not stop smoking. In a video posted by the celebrity gos… more »

Huacha Banda

A shoe-gazey track called Conexxxion from Chilean band Huacha more »

Are Los Bunkers the best rockeros in Chile?

Are Los Bunkers the best rockeros in Chile?
Los bunkers, arguably Chile's most famous rock quintet, originally hail from the southern Chilean city of Concepcion and moved to Santiago a year after forming in 1999, but have been based in Mexico since 2008. They are noted in Chile for their style of… more »

Another Chance to see Camila Moreno in Paris

Camila Moreno playing at the Theatre Aleph in Paris on Friday the 20th of January 2012. She was so good playing most of her songs including one of my favourites Los Tigres de Mi Sangre and Millones. She also played a few new songs which presumably will… more »

Nano Stern: Interview

Nano Stern: Interview
Fernando Stern, aka Nano Stern, is a young, football-loving, Chilean artist riding the crest of the New Wave of musicians that has emerged in the country in recent years. His style is an Indie-Folclor-Rock fusion; deeply rooted in traditional Chilean mu… more »

Free download: Trostrigo's latest album

Trostrigo - Chilean New Wave

Trostrigo - Chilean New Wave
Trostrigo: I was born in Rancagua, and stayed there until I finished high school, then I travelled to Talca to study at the University, then I left Talca and went to Buenos Aires ... I learned to play the guitar in high school and I worked so that I cou… more »

Inti-Illimani: Interview

Inti-Illimani: Interview
Inti-Illimani are currently celebrating a 45 year milestone in their long and varied history as Chile’s best known pioneers of la Nueva Canción Chilena. Champions of the Andean tradition with a social and political conscience, Inti-Illimani have long be… more »

La Hell Gang

La Hell Gang, is a Chilean trio belting out 60's style heavy rock, with one album under their belts Just What is Real and another on its way. Guitarist Francisco Cábala spoke to us about the released album and other projects that he is currently invovle… more »

Alien Gun's debut album: Dreaming at 1420 MHz

Alien Gun's debut album: Dreaming at 1420 MHz
Alien Gun, a four-piece prog rock band from Santiago de Chile are currently about to release their debut album, Dreaming at 1420 MHz, which is currently available as a free mp3 download. We spoke to the band about the album and their music. Chileno: So… more »

Download Chilean music

We are big music fans here at and talk a lot about Chilean music. While it is certainly possible to get hold of some Chilean artists (the most well-known or traditional artists) from the usual sources, it can be extremely frustrating/impos… more »

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