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Biomarker could help boys at risk of clinical depression

A large study on adolescent depression is to be published this week in the academic journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Major, or clinical depression is a common psychological problem where 1 in 10 are thought to be affected at some… more »

Depression: A leading cause of disability in South America

A study published this week in the respected academic journal PLOS Medicine shows the extent to which death and disability is attributable to clinical depression. The authors analysed the overall burden of depression as well as breaking it down by region more »

Fighting Chagas Disease in South America: 15 million infected

A new report published today in the scientific journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases details the progress made in combatting  the most socially and economically impacting parasitic disease in Latin America. Chagas disease, a highly prevalent and pot… more »

Dead end for new prostate cancer treatment

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer for males and the fifth most common overall. Prevalence rates are shown in the figure below. Although genes and environmental factors can confer differential risk for individuals, in general 1 in 8 men more »

Nicotine mummies of Chile

In an article to appear in the academic periodical Journal of Archaelogical Science Chilean chemists report their investigation into the consumption of plant-derived hallucinogenic substances through smoking and snuffing in prehispanic indigenous cultur… more »

Investing in science: The Guardian

Following our recent publication of the debate going on in Chile on the need for investment in research, The Guardian have published a follow-up article with Pablo Astudillo Besnier from the advocacy group mas ciencia para chile. more »

Cervical cancer screening in Chile

Recently published in the International Journal of Cancer, a Chilean study has compared traditional and newer molecular screening methods for cervical cancer with findings that may have profound impact on clinical practice and health policy in Latin Ame… more »

Science in Chile: Falling short or aiming high?

You may have seen our recent post where the pressure group mascienciaparachile argued for more planning and spending on research in Chile. The group published a letter in Science which can be found here outlining their argument. On Friday the Chilean go… more »

The abortion controversy

Regular readers will be aware of the study recently published in PLoSONE on maternal mortality rate (MMR) trends in Chile and the American  continent. Professor Koch from Universidad Católica, Concepción and colleagues from Universidad de Chile and othe… more »

Maternal death rate in Chile lower than US

Maternal death rate in Chile lower than US
A new study published in the open access to all scientific journal PLoSONE has shown that the maternal mortality rate (MMR) in Chile has dramatically reduced over the last 50 years and now compares favourably with the rest of the American Continent. Stu… more »

Spend more on research to avoid crisis

Spend more on research to avoid crisis
Recently published in the highly respected academic journal Science a group of scientists in Chile have issued a warning that the country may be falling behind others in their planning and spending for research. The authors, lead by Pablo Astudillo of t… more »

Meningitis vaccine breakthrough

Meningitis vaccine breakthrough
Meningitis, the inflammation of the protective lining around the brain and spinal cord, is a serious condition for young and old and can be fatal. Typically 1 in 10 victims will die in the UK, a process that can take as little as 4 hours to reach its co… more »

Discovering planets from the Chilean desert

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is an intergovernmental astronomy organisation supported by many countries including the UK, with three sites in Chile: La Silla, Paranal and Chajnantor. The site at La Silla at 2,400 metres above sea level in the… more »

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