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Comment from: Israel

Currently the most talentedand Chilean footballer is Jorge Valdivia.
True, he has had many discipline problems, but it is also true that their QUALITY IS LEGENDARY.
Jorge Valdivia is now the more underestimated midfielder in world football.
However, great South American football personalities have recognized him:
—Pelé 2008:
“Right now, Valdivia in Brazil is the best player all… is the star of Brazil".
—Claudio Borghi:
“Valdivia is a marvel to watch, after of Diego (Maradona) is the best I saw".
—Carlos Valderrama:
“I think it’s one of the great players we have in world football".
He is the best creative midfielder of world football.
Your football vision in the field is unique and he have very conduction, ability and dribbling, but I emphasize, field vision is what makes him a legendary.
His field vision is incisive and creative, Valdivia disarmed the field in your head.

Finally the greatest player in the history of Chile was Elias Figueroa.
Figueroa is the defender who has had more individual awards in the history of this game. Even Beckenbauer claimed to be the Figueroa of Europe and the source of his sayings is the same FIFA.COM.

20/09/13 @ 19:59
Comment from: scena

truly quality from chilean side is their depth, look at this squad…

05/11/13 @ 12:28